2017 Men's League

All play will be from the White Tees.

80% of handicap will be used in Men’s league play including the Skins competition.

All handicaps will be taken one day prior to the scheduled match. (unless played on an alternate date as scheduled by the teams involved)

Scoring system will be Match play format of Team Net Best Ball with points awarded per hole. Points are as follows:

- 2 points/hole for a team win
- 1 point/team/hole for a tie
- 0 points/hole for a team loss

Skins and closest to the pin eligibility - All men’s league members are eligible to compete for these competitions, $5 entry fee. Spares are eligible on the Thursday that they compete in the League, $5 entry fee. If a team is not playing a match and they are still playing that Thursday, then they are eligible to compete, $5 entry fee.

Each game will have pre-set tee times allocated.

All regular season matches MUST be completed by June 16th.

Scoring for defaults will be as follows: If a team is unable to play their match, and several attempts to re-schedule are made, the Team that is causing the default will be given points equal to the lowest point total for the week. The other team will be awarded 19 points. If both teams mutually agree to not play their match both teams will receive the lowest point total for the week.

Playoff games MUST be completed one week prior to the next scheduled Playoff round.

In the event of any dispute, the committee will be advised and will make a decision.

The decision of the committee is final.